1. Properly! That is, slowely with proper pronunciation of the prayers and mysteries which are announced before each decade.

2. Devoutly! Not only with the lips, but also with the heart. More particularly we ought to meditate upon the mysteries that come before us: thus at the Joyful Mysteries we should think of the infinite love of God to men and on His humiliation for us, thanking Him, and promising our love to Him in return; at the Sorrowful Mysteries we should have compassion on our Savior suffering for us, and we should, from the heart hate our sins which were the cause of His sufferings, and make the most earnest resolution to sin no more in the future; at the Glorious Mysteries we should remember the glory which awaits us also if we follow Jesus and Mary. Jesus’ life is summed up in the Crib, the Cross and the Crown of Glory. Ours will be the same if we follow Jesus.



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