eaven always accommodates itself to our limitations. On the first
Christmas, God used angels to speak the shepherds, and a star to speak
to the wise men. To speak to the United States he used our ordinary
instrument of communication, the weekly magazine- He used Newsweek,
June 12,1989 and US. News, August 7,1989.

n the June 12 issue of Newsweek, there was a story about atomic help given by Americans to friendly nations. Laws forbid our sharing sensitive information with other nations. American scientists skirt this law with France by a name called “Negative Guidance.” For instance, when the French were trying to develop multiple independently targeted warheads, the Americans let them know by indirection whether or not they were getting hot or cold. If the French said, “We tried that but it didn’t work,” the Americans would answer, “There are other ways.“ the French would ask, “Other ways?” And the questions would go on till the right answer was reached.

n the June 12 article, Newsweek showed a picture of the French
testing of the atomic bomb in the Pacific. Underneath the photo is this
caption: “Other ways? French test on the Pacific island of Mururoa?”

n the photo, one can spot very clearly the image of Our Lord
crucified and of Our Lady. The image of the crucified Lord is in the red fire
of the bomb. But to His right in white light (in the cloud of the explosion) is
the outline of Our Lady. She is there as if to.answer the question: “Other
ways?” Her answer is “Yes, there are other ways besides atomic war. It is
my way: the way of the Most Holy Rosary.



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