uring the rebellion against dictator Ferdinand Marcos, thousands of
Filipinos took Rosaries in hand and blocked his troops from taking back a
constabulary in Manila.

he troops were ready to fire when a lady dressed in a long white gown suddenly appeared and raised her hands, asking the astonished
troops “not to fire.”

here were many witnesses to the Marian Apparition, and many of the soldiers (who were ready to fire on the people) came crying to His
Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin to tell what happened.

he tanks were trying to penetrate the crowd. The people were praying and showing their ROSARIES. That is when, according to these
soldiers, the Marines who were riding on top of the tanks, the so-called Loyalists (to dictator Ferdinand Marcos); they saw up in the clouds the
form of a Cross.

he many sisters had tried to stop them, but they (the soldiers)
told me they had already decided to obey instruction and push through.
Then a beautiful lady appeared to them. I don’t know if she appeared in
the sky or was standing down on the ground. So beautiful she, and her
eyes were sparkling. The beautiful lady spoke to them in this way: “DEAR

hen they heard these words, the soldiers put down
everything. They came down from the tanks and they joined the people.
So, that was the end of the Loyalists.” (Jaime Cardinal Sin, February 25,

n 1986, the family of nations watched the Filipinos in great awe as we
toppled the dictator and stopped the tanks’ with bare hands’ and on our
Knees’. All the ends of the earth have seen the Power of the Rosary, the
Power of prayer, the Power of GOD. The two revolutions teach us that if
we, the people of God, turn to the Lord, pray and do penance, He will
hear our prayers and restore dignity and heal our land. More Powerful
than funds are Prayers. More effective than strategic planning are
‘fasting’ and sacrifices.’ Mightier than military force is the mighty Power of
a vigilant people. Indeed when we give our best to the Lord, and leave
the rest to His Providence, the Lord always responds.” (Jaime Cardinal sin,
January 24,2001)

n September llth, 2001, the world watched in disbelief as two
commercial jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center in New York
City, killing almost 3,000 innocent people! All the ends of the earth have
witnessed the Evil of Terrorism. So we must ask ourselves.

f we, the people of God in America, turn to the Lord, pray and do
penance, God will hear our prayers and heal our land. More Powerful
than satan and his works are the “prayers of the faithful”, and the
Intercession/ Intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy
Spirit, Mother of God, Protectress of the Faith and Refuge of Sinners.
Mightier than our “high-tech” military force is the Power of prayer and
fasting! Indeed when we give our best to Our Lord Jesus and place our
trust in Him, Our Lord always responds!

n the world you will have trouble, but take courage (Fear
Not), I (Jesus) have conquered the world.“ (John 16:33)







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