ost of us remember the time when Nikita Khrushchev visited
the United Nations in October, 1960 and boasted that "they would bury
us" - would annihilate us! And to emphasize his boasting, he took off his
shoe and pounded the desk before the horrified world assembley.

his was no idle boast. Khrushchev knew his scientists had been
working on a nuclear missile and had completed their work and planned
on November 1960, the 43rd anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, to present it to Khrushchev.

ut here's what happened. Pope John XXIII had opened and read the third secret of Fatima, that was given to Sister Lucia (Fatima seer). He authorized the Bishop of Leiria
( Fatima) to write to all the bishops of the world, inviting them to join with the pilgrims of Fatima on the night of October 12-13, 1960, to unite in prayer and penance for Russia's conversion and consequent world peace.

n the night of October 12-13, about a million pilgrims spent the
night outdoors in the Cova da lria at Fatima in prayer and penance
before the Blessed Sacrament. They prayed and watched despite a
penetrating rain which chilled them to the bone.

t the same time at least 300 dioceses throughout the world joined with
them. Pope John XXlll sent a special blessing to all taking part in this
unprecedented night of reparation. Well here is what happened. On the night
between October 12 and 13, right after his shoe-pounding episode, Khrushchev
suddenly pulled up stakes and enplaned in all haste for Moscow, canceling all
subsequent engagements. Why?

arshall Nedelin, one of the best minds in Russia on nuclear
energy and several goverment officials were present for the final testing
of the missile that was going to be presented to Khrushchev. When
countdown was completed, the missile, for some reason or another, did
not leave the launch pad. After 15 or 20 minutes, Nedelin and all the
others came out of the shelter. When they did, the missile exploded killing
over 300 people. This set back Russia’s nuclear program for 20 years,
prevented all - out atomic warfare, the burying of the U.S. - and this
happened on the night when the whole Catholic world was on its knees
before the Blessed Sacrament, gathered at the feet of our Rosary Queen
in Fatima. Our Lady does not want nuclear war.

n May 13, 1984, one of the largest crowds ever was gathered at
Fatima to celebrate the anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady
there. On that very day a massive explosion destroyed two-thirds of the
surface-to-air and ship-to-ship missiles of the Soviet Union’s mightiest fleet-
the Northern Fleet, charged in wartime with cutting off NATO’s Atlantic
sea lanes. According to Jane’s Defense Weekly of London, this was “the
greatest disaster to occur in the Soviet Navy since World War 11.” Is it not
time that we place more confidence in the promises and power of Our

veryone has read of the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine. Direct
damage was about 2.7 billion dollars. The indirect cost was far more, with
the contamination of 1,000 square miles of farmland. But the greatest
effect was the spiritual effect on the Russian people. A prominent Russian
writer pointed out that Chernobyl is the Ukrainian word for “wormwood” (
a bitter herb used as a tonic in rural Russia.) Then he observed that in the
Book of Revelation, it is written that a great star fell from the heavens
making a third part of the waters bitter. And the name of that star is
Wormwood (Rev.8:l-11)

ith uncanny speed this connection between the Chernobyl
disaster and the words of Revelation has spread across Russia, giving
Chernobyl the quality of an almost supernatural disaster. It has had an
impact on the Russian people, especially when they remembered that
Christianity came to the very region of Chernobyl to the tribe of Rus in 998

n May 18, 1988, the Associated Press reported that “Blast shuts
Soviet’s sole missile motor plant.” The article began, “A major explosion
has shut down the only plant in the Soviet Union that makes the main
rocket motors of that country’s newest long-range nucleasr missile ,
according to U.S. officials” The Pentagon issued a statement saying it
happened May 12 and “destroyed several buildings at a Soviet
propellant plant in Pavlograd,” about 500 miles southwest of Moscow in
the Ukraine.

ust before that, on May 3, 1988, here in our own country, an
explosion ripped apart a Nevada plant that was probably handling the
ammonium perchlorate used in the main rocket motor for the SS-24.
Again, is not Our Lady preventing nuclear war, in response to the prayer
of the Most Holy Rosary.






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