Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

It is the effort of this mission to make known to Christians worldwide that Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has declared by means of an Apostolic letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae (Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary) the year of October 2002 through October 2003, the year of the Rosary.

It is an effort that reaches out in charity to help Christians obtain the knowledge our Holy Father is extending in regards to the Most Holy Rosary and thus to help clarify the misunderstandings of this powerful prayer of love. These misunderstandings have endured for centuries, and we now hope the time has come for Christian Unity.

Our Holy Fathers words speak to our hearts:

“Blessed Rosary of Mary, Sweet Chain Linking us to God”..... “I willingly entrust to the power of this prayer... the cause for peace in the world and the cause of peace in the family.” Would not all Christians desire to unite in prayer for these causes of peace, in our world and in our families?

“May this appeal of mine not go unheard!”

Inspired by these words of Our Holy Father, and the message of Our Lady of Fatima, we have chosen to reach out through the modern means of media, (The worldwideweb - television - radio - newspaper etc) to inform and to once more make the prayer of the Most Holy Rosary known and loved.

As our Holy Father has suggested, we now wish to:

“ Cast our Nets out into the deep for a Catch” John 14:6

We are inviting our non-practicing Catholic brothers and sisters to return to the one true fold of our Sweet Lord Jesus. This invitation extends also to our separated Christian brothers and sisters worldwide, that we may unite in prayer with the Most Sweet Mother of Jesus, and our Mother Mary, by praying her Most Holy Rosary in unity.

“ A Treasure to be Rediscovered”

Truly the prayer of the Most Holy Rosary, is a Christian prayer, and has the power in these times of uncertainty to miraculously unite Christians throughout the world.” This certainly is not the mission of a few, but is the mission of every baptized child of God our Father, please unite with us?


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us
Father Patrick Peyton, pray for us


–World Apostolate of Fatima
Local division of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese of Minnesota


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