es! For it brings before the eyes of the soul the basic and essential mysteries of Christianity. It supplies us with the strongest motives to love God, to hate sin, to subdue the passions, to contemn the world and its vanity, and to strive after Christian perfection, in order that we may gain the heavenly mansions Jesus promised to prepare for those who love Him. Besides, the Rosary brings before us living examples - Jesus and Mary - whom we must follow, and encourages us to good works by pointing to the all-powerful grace procured for us by Jesus, and the all-prevailing intercession of the gracious Mother of God.

he Rosary is mental as well as vocal prayer. When we say it we meditate on the mysteries of Christ's life, death and resurrection, in which Our Lady played so important a part. The Rosary is thus a school in which, by daily meditation, one comes to know the full story of redemption and the parts played in it by Jesus and by His Mother, Mary. Let us never be ashamed to be seen carrying our Rosary beads with us at all time, for otherwise, we may become ashamed of being Catholics.

ur Lady of Fatima asked that the Rosary he prayed daily as was always the custom of Catholics in former times, and we shall find, just like in St. Dominic's day, it is a formidable check to error if said with love and devotion. It is a powerful weapon against heresy and unbelief, and will increase Faith, piety, and virtue.



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