lmost everyone today has serious problems...but the Blessed Mother has given us the help necessary to solve our problems.

hat Catholic family today does not have children and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews who have left the practice of the Faith and need heavy prayers to get them back?

hat person today is not suffering from at least one major problem in their lives?

ut no matter how great our difficulties may appear to us, we have at hand the solution to all these problems. It is the HOLY ROSARY of the Blessed Virgin Mary! ! !

o obtain answers to prayers, we must of course:

  • be in the state of grace ( go to Confession if we are not)
  • pray with confidence, humility, constancy (i.e. keep praying), and with attention (pay attention when praying)

(People in the state of mortal sin will be heard when they pray for the grace to repent of their sin.)

ow the Holy Rosary is a sort of spiritual crutch that props up our poor weakened humanity and helps us overcome our feebleness in praying. In using Our Lady's Rosary, we now have the assistance of the Blessed Mother of God to
help make up for these deficiencies in our prayers.

hat is one reason WHY we should pray the Rosary. But there are many other reasons besides.



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