e know what is required for peace in the Church, peace in our families. Yet, the majority of our Catholic people have not been following the roadmap needed for these objectives. That which would bring peace to the world, families, the Church, is sadly neglected. We are often poor stewards of the richness of Jesus Christ. Our Lord ended the parable of the unworthy steward of the rich man, saying: “For the children of this world are more prudent in dealing with their own generation than the children of light” (Lk 16:1-8)

e are indeed children of light. We have a great richness in the fullness of true faith. Jesus, the Light of the world shows us the certain way. How well do we avail ourselves of the riches of the Kingdom of God?

esus has sent his Mother repeatedly. At Fatima she was “all light” That is the way Sister Lucia describes the beautiful Woman from heaven. The heavenly Lady gave her name at the time of the miracle of the sun. “ I am the Lady of the Rosary.” Each time our Mother, all of light, asked that we pray the Rosary everyday. She requested that it be prayed properly, namely while meditating on the mysteries. She showed little Jacinta, only seven years old, pictures of the Mysteries, teaching her how to meditate while praying the Rosary.

ow we have Pope John Paul giving us five additional mysteries, called “Mysteries of Light.” Families are asked to return to the practice of the daily Rosary and to evangelize their children by teaching them to meditate 20 Mysteries of the Rosary. He suggests the use of Icons or visual aids to focus on the particular mystery being meditated upon.

he Pope knows the state of the world. He sees the forces at work to disturb the Church and attack the family. He looks to the family as the basic unity of society and sees what the meditated praying of the Rosary will do for the family, thus for the Church, for the world. No one can pray the Rosary daily and meditate its mysteries and remain separated from Jesus Christ.

he Pope has declared October 2002 to October 2003 inclusive the “YEAR OF THE ROSARY.” The call is not for just a year, but to use this year to promote the Rosary, rediscover the Rosary, learn to pray it better thereafter. The Church would be renewed, family life would be renewed, the world would find peace, if all Catholic families and individuals began praying the Rosary properly each day. Love and unity would return to the Church, to our families, to the world. Mere simplification? No. It is what Our Lady of Fatima has promised, if we study Fatima in depth as it reaffirms the Gospel. It is what Pope John Paul II is saying, the Marian Pope , who loves intensely Our Lady of Fatima, whose message has been the secret which motivates his Pontificate.

he world is fragile, handle with prayer. Families are fragile and failing, strengthen with prayer - the prayer of the Rosary. The Pope explains how the meditated Rosary will lead us all to a more fruitful participation in the divine liturgy, the Mass and the Sacraments. Mary always leads to Christ Jesus, her Son.

ave an assigned time for the family Rosary. If every member of the family cannot be present, those present should pray the Rosary. If your family is to busy to pray the Rosary, your family is in deep trouble. The trouble is not with the Rosary, its with your family falling away from faith and union with each other in Jesus Christ.

ray the Rosary properly, not mechanically. Then soon you’ll discover great peace in your home among your family members.

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