In your Home
  • Please advertise this website in your parish Bulletin or call friends and family. Send e-mails to everyone you can think of. E-mail Catholic organizations worldwide to advertise the site.

  • Encourage others to read Our Holy Father’s letter on the year of the Rosary.

  • Please download Our Holy Father’s letter on the year of the Rosary.
    We know it seems long, but it contains answers to many of the problems we now face in our daily life. Please just leave it next to your bed and read a little at a time, it’s easy reading especially for so many of us ordinary people.


  • Purchase an image of Our Lady for your home. Place a beautiful candle next to the image of Our Lady. (Click here to view one)

  • Purchase a Rosary and a how to pray it pamphlet for each family member. (Or return to our welcome page and sign up to receive a free one.

  • Grab your headset, the rosary can be prayed walking, working, driving, cleaning house, or even laying down.

  • Purchase the beautiful Healing Rosary tape that we have available.( click here) . We even have a fast one for when you are in your car, (click here for this one) for on your way to work or wherever. It helps to start wherever and however you can. Just start. Our Blessed Mother will help you.

Family Members

  • If your family members are open at all then just gather the courage and ask them what they think about beginning to pray the Rosary together (even partially for peace in the world).

  • Ask if they would gather and pray one decade of the Rosary together each evening after dinner, completing the Rosary over a period of 5 days.

  • Put on the Rosary tape and everyone sit and relax and just listen to begin with.

  • Gather your Children: Play the Rosary tape for Children (click here we have it available here). Help them to make pray a relaxing and enjoyable time to be spent with Mom and Dad and other siblings. March around the house if you need to but try to get them to pray.

  • If you can only get your family to hold the Rosary in their hands and pray one Hail Mary then start there.

  • If know one will pray with you, and you find that even yourself is having a hard time praying a decade or so. Then begin by saying just one Hail Mary slowly and devoutly all alone. Our Lady will bless your efforts.

Just Begin

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All of us are experiencing the cross in our lives in one way or the other. We need to pray together and for one another. We have busy schedules but all of us need to begin to take the time for prayer. The above are only suggestions. Written by ordinary Wives, Mothers and Grandmothers in the hopes that it will help you and your family.

Thank you and God Bless you and your family

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